Conlang Lite: The Language Facade

Language is a passion of mine.  Specifically, conlanging is a passion of mine.  The nuts and bolts of how words fit together is fascinating to me: I have literally spent hours coming up with language concepts.

Seriously. I don’t go overboard at all.

But it’s not for everyone.  Which I totally get.  Most writers are in this for the story, not because they’re weirdly obsessed with letters.  In which case, those who want to address the problem of language might feel a little overwhelmed: it’s a huge complicated worldbuilding monster that can often appear like an all-or-nothing deal.

Don’t worry. You can have a realistic language without having to build the whole damn thing. Here’s how: Continue reading


The Unappreciated Art of Receiving Criticism

Giving critique on anything is easy.

Giving coherent, insightful critique can be difficult: that’s why people can make a career out of being a critic.  It’s easy to say whether or not you like something, but saying why in a meaningful way can be fairly convoluted.

Receiving critique, though, is damn near impossible.

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Further Adventures in Adulthood

I’ve written a little about my day job: I’m a substitute teacher in a midwestern school district.  It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had: I get to work with kids, I have no direct boss, and I work with some amazing people. Plus it works well with my wanderlust, since I can take time off whenever I feel like it.

I can say this honestly: I love my job.

But it seems to beg a question, because there’s this question people keep asking me:  “Is this the career you want to go into?”  And hot on its heels: “Are you looking for a full-time position?”

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