More Thoughts To Come

October is one of my favorite months.  I love the cool weather, I love the ramp-up to NaNoWriMo (more info on that at a later point), I love Halloween. Fall is my season.

But it also marks a number of anniversaries for me. Two years ago, my entire nuclear family dissolved out from under me.  Things are better now, my parents are finding happiness and I’m healing over a lot of relationship wounds that I’ve been carrying since I was seven.

One year ago, my grandfather passed away.  I travelled 1200 miles in 12 hours to be with my family, and made it to his hospital room just in time. It was an intense experience, but not a negative one.  I’d do anything to have my story end as well as his did.  I love him a great deal, and it hurt. But I wouldn’t change a moment of the experience.

October, my favorite month, makes me think about endings and rebirth.  So for this first October post, I’m going to write about my first experience with death. Warning: this is another major bummer of a post.  But it’s important, and it’s on my mind, so here goes.

Her name was Sarah Foster, and I was eight years old. Continue reading