Patreon Announcement!

I owe you guys a review of Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code, but that’s coming up next week.  This Thursday post is a quick announcement.

Quick version: I set up a Patreon account!  You can take a look at it here.

Long version:

For those of you unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s a crazy cool idea.  You know how back in the day, rich bored people could offer their patronage to poets and artists and scientists who were incredibly talented, but didn’t have the resources to live up to their potential?  Patreon is a crowd-funded version of that. You pledge to pay a dollar a month, or ten dollars a month, or however much you’d like, to a content creator of your choice.  Could be a Youtuber, an indie game developer, or a blogger/writer who teaches as their day job.

It gives the content creator some payment for something they love.  It can be a flat-out business model, honestly: you can pay per video or comic book or novel, too.  But personally, I’m not about to start charging anyone for this. I have a few goals up there (if I earn enough I could certainly put out more articles, or even afford to self-publish some stuff!) but for the most part this is just opening the channels.

Patrons do get rewards: I’ll be putting up a “Contributors” page on the blog, and if you pledge $5 or $10 a month you’ll get advanced and discounted copies of anything I self-publish– higher pledges get signed or free copies.  All pledges also get a link to download a truly epic story I wrote at age six, the 250-word saga of Sarina The Shark.

By no means feel obligated to pledge, of course.  If you don’t want to pledge but still want to show appreciation I love getting nice messages and comments.  But the channels are open, if anyone is interested.

Artemis Fowl review to come next week.


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