Livetweet Books: Artemis Fowl #2

Every Saturday at noon CST I livetweet a book as I read through it for an hour or two.  It’s immensely enjoyable.

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I’ve been reading Dune, but I took a break from that to read The Arctic Incident.  The plan was to go back to Dune next week, but… damn, I’m invested.  I may do the next Artemis Fowl book instead.

This one was amazing.

Warning: All LTBooks articles contain spoilers.

Why this book?

Dune is great but long.  I needed a break and I missed that weird little genius.

How was it?

Excellent.  I’m immensely invested in the characters now: last book they showed themselves as strong personalities, but this book they showed themselves as characters who can grow.  Colfer’s prose is succinct but dense.  It hits all the right emotional notes, conveys exactly everything it needs to and no more, and somehow it still manages to be charming.

And sassy.

And that’s not even what I love the most.  It’s not often that I can read a book and get completely lost in the prose to the point where I’ve stopped paying full attention to the plot.  There were a few points in this novel where I was quite literally just swept up in the action, just completely enraptured. Don’t ask me to paraphrase what they were doing on that train.  I was too caught up in Holly and Artemis interacting.  And in Artemis’ concern for his fingernails.  And in Holly going full-on Avatar State when she lost that finger.

What did you like?

The characters.  Their growth. Their consistency.  The fact that there was an entire sub-plot where Mulch Diggums masqueraded as a burglar that only stole Oscars and it had nothing to do with anything, it was just there because without it Diggums wouldn’t be Diggums. I love that I can be so emotional about characters I’ve seen all of five times:

I loved that the characters are driven entirely by different things, that Colfer can have four people in the same room and have their interactions be so intrinsically them in only a few lines:

…And I have to admit I am insanely jealous of someone who can handle that so well.  If I have four characters in a room, two invariably go silent.  Not only am I going nuts over the gorgeous characterization, I’m learning a lot from these books.  How to be succinct, for instance.

And come on.  This is amazingly touching.

And this…

I also love how blatant Colfer is about his messages.  He doesn’t pull punches when it comes to environmentalism, or feminism, anything.

What didn’t you like?

Cudgeon. I really hope he’s 100% dead, he was disappointing.  In a novel full of shining, beautiful characters, he was… dull.  Straightforward. Kicked himself in the foot in probably the most predictable way possible (talking shit about his second-in-command).  I don’t understand why Koboi (who was clearly the superior baddie here) kept fawning all over him.  I mean, really.

There’s nothing redeeming here.  Cudgeon isn’t attractive, he isn’t smart, he isn’t charming.  She could use him for his connections, but let’s be honest, she did all the legwork.  She got into LEP’s system, she armed the goblins, she did everything.  Everyone kept treating Cudgeon like he was the Big Baddie, but he seemed… incidental. He did get a cool line, I’ll give him that:

…But the rest of his role? Opal could have done it all herself.

Also, Colfer referenced the radiation of the Arctic Circle pretty frequently, which is something I’d never heard of.  I looked it up, and according to NOAA global warming means people who live at the poles should be keeping an eye on it, but it doesn’t seem like there are naturally radioactive parts of our planet anywhere.

Could be written off as Fairy Problems, but one of the Russian baddies was concerned about it, so I dunno.

Parting thoughts?

love this series.  I’m physically restraining myself from reading the next book.  I don’t know how long I can hold out– I may read it on Sunday, before this review gets published on Thursday.   I’m also pretty sure Holly and Artemis are going to end up with a Thing at some point in the future, once he’s a little older, but that may be me reading into it.

All in all, five out of five stars.  Go pick the series up if you haven’t already.


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